Capacity Grid

Tuesday 16th October

9.30      East/West Midlands Branch AGM and joint seminar

13.00  SOLACE Annual General Meeting

13.30  Opening Address: Martin Reeves, SOLACE President

14.00  Plenary 1: Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive RSA (Confirmed)

15.00  Refreshments and networking

15.30   The Challenges Facing Local Government – A call to action

An Introduction to each of the five workstreams:

  • Your local future
  • A democratic path?
  • The expectation of prosperity
  •  Doing less with less
  • An informed future

Evening: Business Partner Dinners (by invitation only) followed by the President’s Drinks Reception (featuring the Soul Aces) at the Herbert Gallery from 9.30pm


8.30    Refreshment and networking

9.00   Parallel work stream session 1

  • Your local future: Driving growth locally
  • A democratic path? Community engagement – a solution not a barrier
  • The expectation of prosperity: Economic prosperity – a harder test
  • Doing less with less: Strategic commissioning
  • An informed future: Why evidence matters to local authorities

10.30 Refreshments and networking

11.00  Parallel session 2

  • Your local future: Place leadership and creating place ambassadors
  • A democratic path? Making health and crime local
  • The expectation of prosperity: Competitiveness through partnership
  • Doing less with less: Demand management
  • An informed future: Smart local government – applying evidence in the real world

12.30  Lunch

13.30  Parallel session 3

  • Your local future: Differentiation and co-operation
  • A democratic path? Transparency
  • The expectation of prosperity: Where is economic growth going to come from?
  • Doing less with less: Community entrepreneurship
  • An informed future: Using evidence to generate financial savings and better outcomes

15.00  Plenary 2: Simon Fanshawe (Confirmed)

15.30  Refreshments and networking

16.00 Open Conversation:  This session will provide an opportunity to review the main points and lessons learned from the three parallel work stream sessions today and to contribute to the drawing out of emerging themes.

19.00 Conference Charity Dinner at Coventry Cathedral


9.00    Coffee and bacon butties

9.30    Parallel session 4.  This final session of the work streams will explore the skills and leadership challenges emerging from the previous day’s discussions, both now and for the future.

10.30  Refreshments and networking

11.00   Plenary 3: Rt Hon Francis Maude MP, Minister for the Cabinet Office (Confirmed)

11.45    SOLACE Member panel session  – 2012: A lasting legacy or a temporary diversion from reality?

13.00   Martin Reeves, SOLACE President: Summing up and next steps

13.30   Lunch

14.00 – 16.00    Study Tours – Please see the Study Tours page for details of the 5 Tours taking place in Coventry.

*the Summit programme is subject to change.


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